Tassie Trade Show Suppliers

Allied Pinnacle

Allied Pinnacle is the merging of two leading companies: Allied Mills and Pinnacle Bakery and Integrated Ingredients. Allied Pinnacle is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of bakery products and ingredients. Our extensive product range includes flours, premixes, par-baked breads and frozen bakery sweets, as well as dry and wet ingredients for the food industry in Australia and overseas.

Ashgrove Cheese

Ashgrove,  Tasmanian owned and operated is a diversified Australian dairy processor based in Northern Tasmania. Ashgrove is one of Australia’s leading independent premium dairy brands and produces a range of award winning cheese, milk, butter and cream using farm fresh milk.  Grass to Cow to You.

Baiada Poultry

Baiada looks forward to participating in the PFD Trade show 2017.  We will have a range of products to sample at all trade shows including products from our finger food range, cooked meat, our  chilled turkey royale product  and a selection of our tenders.  Baiada is a proudly 100% Australian family owned company and all products produced are Halal certified, this also includes our smallgoods and turkey range. Now branded Steggles, we look forward to seeing many PFD customers in Tasmania during the trade shows, and hope that we can get customers to sample our products with the view of using them in their respective businesses.

Be Campell

Be Campbell is one of Australia’s largest family owned meat wholesalers with a proud history of providing Australian consumers, butchers, supermarkets and the food service industry at large with the highest quality meat products including pork, beef and chicken. Established in 1969 by Bruce and Marie Campbell with a commitment to quality and service continues today under the stewardship of Managing Director, Ted Campbell and family. BE Campbell has its roots in the fertile soil of the Southern slopes of New South Wales, where the Campbell family’s proud pastoral history dates back to 1860. In 1969 Bruce and Marie Campbell, with over a hundred years of family experience on the land behind them, and heirs to this invaluable pastoral heritage, created BE Campbell.

Beyond Paper

Beyond Paper Supplies Pty Ltd are a manufacturer and marketer of premium branded hygiene and sanitary paper products, cloths and bin liners in the growing away-from-home market.

Birch and Waite

Our history of creating delicious food started over 30 years ago with a vision for superior quality, and just 3 hard-working staff.  It took passion and time to create our signature products, but we worked until we got it right. Since then our business has gone from strength to strength, and we’ve outgrown two factories along the way. But our commitment to delivering the very best has remained the same. That’s our recipe for success.

New! - Bio Neptune

The choice for health and wellbeing always starts with you. Why not discover how our innovative products are formulated to put you in control. 

Bulla Dairy Foods

At Bulla, we believe no family should settle for anything less than the finest Australian dairy, so we’ve made it our family’s mission to craft the only the best, in the form of Bulla dairy foods. Our product range is diverse, from our Bulla sour cream and hearty Bulla cooking cream to Bulla ice cream and low-fat Bulla frozen yoghurt. Whatever you love, we want you to enjoy it with Bulla. Through each of our several generations of Bulla dairy foods, we continue to make our products with care and share them with love. We’re owned and made in country Victoria, and we love what we do. Just like our products, our passion is unfakeable.


Cargill manufacture quality Australian Oils that cater for your every cooking and frying need.  Their range includes Blended Vegetable, Canola, Cottonseed, Cottonseed Blends and Hi Oleic Canola oils.


Cerebos Foodservice offers professionals an array of products that are of exceptional quality, consistent reliability, from some of our nation’s most iconic brands. Designed to minimise preparation time and labour while maximising versatility, our range has been created to meet the demands of every commercial kitchen. We innovate our products based on insights from key end users, distributors, market research and industry experts - ensuring our products are developed with foodservice professional’s specific requirements.

New! - Daly Gourmet Potatoes

We are proud Tasmanian potato growers specialising in growing gourmet potatoes on a farm overlooking beautiful Marion Bay on the south east coast of Tasmania.With rich deep soil, clean air and good rainfall, we are able to produce some of the best potatoes in the world. We are currently growing three types of potatoes, pink-eyes, nicola and a new variety of sapphire potatoes that we call “Purple Gems”.


The high quality of Elegre products is the result of meticulous care and produce selection. All recipes are overseen by qualified chefs who are dedicated to drawing all the flavours out of our fresh ingredients and deliver a result that any chef would be happy to put their name to. Hand made with care. Elegre antipasto is prepared by hand in our Sydney kitchens. Our chargrilled products are put on the grill, watched and turned by hand, this delivers a consistent and tasty result. Everything we do is designed to produce the taste, texture and experience of home made antipasto. No other anitpasto maker in Australia has the same high levels of dedication to authenticity. That is why Elegre is who many top chefs and restaurants turn towards to deliver products that they put their name to.

New! - Farmer Jo

Our question at Farmer Jo when we are creating new products and sourcing new ingredients is always “would we feed this to our family, to our kids?”. We believe it is our responsibility as a food producer to respect the farmers and the land our food has come from and to care about the end product that we pass onto our customers.

Fonterra Foodservice

Fonterra Foodservices is a key part of the Australian-New Zealand strategic unit of global dairy supplier Fonterra. We offer a complete suite of dairy products and tailored solutions designed to meet the needs of foodservice professionals. Our extensive product range embraces cheese, milk, butter, cream, milk powders and even bakery products – all backed up by an uncompromised commitment to quality.

Food FX

Founded in 1986, Foodfx is a food manufacturer that specialises in catering for the foodservice sector. Delivering solutions to big or small food businesses, Foodfx is Australian owned and family operated. With over 30 years of experience, Foodfx supplies the highest quality, finest, freshest Australian grown ingredients and ready to eat custom food products. Foodfx provides everything from recipe creation to catering for mass production.

Goodman Fielder

Everything we do at Goodman Fielder Food Service is about providing your business with premium quality ingredients to maximise your business success.As one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted names in the industry, we focus on providing top quality products supplemented by truly valuable resources and information so that you, as a service provider can deliver food excellence to your customers.Our diverse product portfolio includes fresh baking, artisan and specialty breads, edible oils, pastry, margarine spreads, bakery ingredients; oat based cereals, mayonnaises, sauces, vinegars as well as cake and dessert mixes.

Grayson Food Broker

"Grayson Food Brokers are the sales arm of some of Australia’s leading brands - Tender Choice Foods produce the iconic FRESH Oven Roast Sliced Chicken Breast and FRESH Greek Style Lamb Yiros Meat. Don’t forget to sample our New pre Mayonnaise Cooked Meats that will be launched at the show. Northern Meat & Poultry produce the famous Maitre De range of value added Chicken products, Chicken Kiev, and Schnitzels have been on Tasmanian menus for many years. More recently the Magic Taste Chicken Schnitzels have become the leading Chicken Schnitzel of choice based on quality and price. Crackerjack Foods Look out for our distinctive Crackerjack Jumbo Potato Cakes packed in trays of 20 for easy handling, storage or reselling. Likewise our unique Crackerdog cardboard holders come free with every Battered Hotdog."


Groenz is the manufacturer of the Brands French Maid, Kiwi Style & In-house Systems. Groenz is a family owned business and takes pride in not only of the quality of our products, but are only dedicated to the food service industry. Dealing only in food service allows us to manufacture products to assist businesses grow in both sales and taste to their consumers. Groenz products are manufactured "true to taste" for Chefs by Chefs.


Authentically Asian yet proudly Australian, at Hakka we pride ourselves on being the market leader of Asian foods in Australia, with over 33 years of experience. We provide a full range of authentic Asian foods to the retail, foodservice and commercial sectors under some of Australia’s most well-known Asian brands including Hakka, Vinaco and Chung Yuen.

Helens European Cuisine

Helen's European Cuisine provides an extensive and versatile range of gourmet savoury products, as well as a select range of gourmet sweets. Our products are diverse and available in a range of sizes, from individual portions and bite-sized finger foods, to large display cabinet items. Our products reach a widespread marketplace, available from up-market cafes, delicatessens, hotels and pubs, plus other outlets supplied by our vast network of independent distributors. 


At Inghams, we're passionate about being the premier poultry supplier. We produce a great selection of frozen products that can be utilised in a vast number of applications. At Ingham's we care about quality, nutrition and susatainability and we're committed to providing Australian businesses with premium chicken and turkey products.


ISM are now the distributors for the new product: Natural Raw Liquid Sugar - made from 100% Australian natural raw sugar infused with purified water. Come see us at the shows to find out more about this exciting new product as well as other great products we can offer.

New! - Kalis Bros

As Australia's leading seafood company, KB Food Co-operates at all levels of the supply chain from catching to processing, manufacturing, importing, exporting and wholesaling. With a global network of customers and suppliers, KB Food Co is the standard for the broadest range,  and the finest quality.


Since 1924, Kellogg ANZ has been driven to enrich and delight consumers through foods and brands that matter. Kellogg is the world’s leading cereal company and our brands – Kellogg’s®, Be Natural®, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, Rice Bubbles®, Nutri-Grain®, Special K®, All-Bran®, Sultana Bran®, Coco Pops®, Pringles® and more – are welcomed into homes, nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive. Through our Breakfasts For Better Days® initiative, we’re set a goal of providing 30 million servings of cereal and snacks in Australia and New Zealand to children and families in need from 2017 to 2025.

Kraft Heinz

The Kraft Heinz Company is fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, The Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go.

Krio Krush

Krio develop, manufacture and supply premium savoury seasonings and food ingredients for the food industry. We specialise in all natural savoury seasonings, herbs and spices – Krio Krush Basic Foods Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and family operated company with years of experience.


Espresso is recognised throughout the world as the quintessential Italian coffee.’Espresso’ means “made to order”, brewed quickly as is typical of this concentrated coffee. Its essential features, the firm crema, full body and intense aroma are the result of the coffeemaker’s pressure extraction system. Come see us at the Trade Show to learn more about the perfect coffee.

Lemnos Parmalat

We are a national dairy company with a long and proud history in Australia, a history that commenced with the opening of the Pauls milk factory on the banks of the Brisbane River back in the 1930s. More than 80 years on, we are now part of a global dairy organization that brings nutrition and wellness to people all over the world. We have great brands and great people. We continue to invest and expand in Australia, setting the benchmark for the dairy industry locally and playing an ever-increasing role in the export of dairy products into Asia.


Makers of the Authentic Pizza hand-made pizza base.

New! - Mandurah Seafoods

WA Mandurah Seafoods is a family owned and run business, specialising in frozen seafood and value added products. Our high quality seafood is sourced and processed in our sister-factories, which is then imported into Australia and distributed to our customers. Our main product lines are flake, snapper, hake, octopus and mussels, which can be made up to customer’s specifications. We are in the process of establishing a crumbed hake portion, and a crumbed flake portion to distribute.


The Dardalis family founded Marathon Food Industries Pty Ltd in 1963. It is now the largest manufacturer of Spring Rolls and Dim Sims in Australia. Their aim is to continuously improve the working environment of their employees, the quality of their products, customer service and the profitability of the company.

Markwell Foods

Markwell Foods is an Australian owned and operated sales and marketing agency that sources high quality products both locally and from around the globe. Our diverse product portfolio includes frozen cooked and raw value added-meat, seafood, vegetables, snacking and desserts. We operate in all channels of the food industry - foodservice, seafood trading, retail, contract manufacturing, industrial and quick service restaurants.

Mars Foods

Mars Food Australia is dedicated to making better food today for a better world tomorrow. Our team has been creating healthy, tasty and convenient meal solutions for Australians since 1967 through our popular DOLMIO®, KAN TONG®, MASTERFOODS® and UNCLE BEN’S® ranges, manufactured and marketed from our headquarters in Wyong, Central Coast, NSW. With more than 300 Associates working on site, Mars Food Australia offers more than 500 products in categories as diverse as mustards, marinades, relishes, sauces, herbs and spices, pasta and stir fry sauces and PROMITE® spread. It exports to New Zealand and throughout the Asia Pacific region, as well as supplying the food services and industrial sectors

McCain Foods

McCain Foods Limited is an international leader in the frozen food industry, employing 20,000 people and operating 50 production facilities on six continents. A privately owned company, McCain generates annual sales in excess of CDN$6 billion. The company’s products can be found in thousands of restaurants and supermarket freezers in more than 160 countries around the world.


As part of the largest producer of herbs and spices in the world, McCormick Foods Australia has an intimate knowledge of global food and flavour trends. In addition to their extensive range of herbs and spices, McCormick has expanded to provide a wide range of convenient and innovative products designed to help people prepare great tasting meals quickly and easily. These products include a range of McCORMICK recipe mix meal bases.  All variants will be available at the show.


At McKenzie's, we continue a family tradition of supplying generations of Australians with high quality food products. From humble beginnings as a Melbourne grain store in 1852, the McKenzie's of today has grown and evolved into one of the oldest Australian family owned and operated food manufacturers. Our extensive range includes pulses (legumes), grains, baking needs, Bi-Carb Soda, herbs & spices and desserts. For 160 years, Australians have put their trust in the McKenzie's brand.

Mission Foods

Established in 1959, Mission Foods, is one of the world’s largest tortilla, flatbread and corn flour producers in the world and is engaged primarily in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of tortillas, tacos, corn chips, wraps, flatbreads, corn and wheat flour. Over 20,000 people are employed globally across all the operations with facilities in Mexico, the USA, Central America, Europe and Asia Pacific. All flatbread products for the Australian Retail market are made out of the state of the art purpose built facilty in Epping, Victoria.  The division’s main brands are Mission® and Rositas®. With 60 years successful experience, Mission Foods manufacture over 25% of the world’s flatbreads demonstrating clear global leadership, making the company the world’s largest manufacturer of these products.

New! - Monde Nissin

Supplying to the Food Service industry with leading Brands - Black Swan Dips & Yoghurt,Nudie Juice, Wattle valley Cheese, Frank’s & French’s Sauces and Condiments, Peckish Biscuits.

Mountain Harvest Food

Our family has been living and potato farming in Gembrook for four generations. Our manufacturing arm is also family-owned and run, and co-located on the family farm in Gembrook, Victoria. We provide the foodservice market exceptional quality products such as potato cakes, sweet potato chips, tempura battered seafood sticks, crumbed scallops (roe-on) together with personalised customer service.


Castaway® is the Industry-leading brand in quality disposable food packaging. Owned and marketed exclusively by MPM, you are guaranteed that Castaway® products perform every time.

Mrs Mac's Family Bakery

Mrs Mac's are a family owned business who have been providing pastry products to Australian consumers for over 50 years. Mrs Mac's pride themselves on the quality of our products and providing a range to satisfy everyone's tastes. If it's not a Mrs Mac's, take it back.

Mures Fishing

Mures Fishing is an iconic Tasmanian family business that offers customers a variety of quality seafood which is sustainably caught and sourced with an emphasis on Australian wild catch, Mures’ fishing vessel, Diana, predominantly fishes in the deep waters surrounding Tasmania. Our catch includes Blue Eye Trevalla, Pink Ling, Blue Grenadier, Ocean Perch and Gemfish.95% of our fish is sold through Mures Lower Deck and Upper Deck restaurants, Fishmongers at Victoria Dock, Hobart and our Factory Outlets in Cambridge and Glenorchy, as well as our wholesale distribution to venues around Tasmania. During the winter months, Diana heads north to high seas fishing grounds, approximately 300 nautical miles off the New South Wales coast. These colder months are tough fishing with longer trips at sea and rough conditions. But the reward is a range of premium seafood that differs slightly from our summer species which includes our signature Blue Eye Trevalla, as well as Yellowtail Kingfish and King Morwong.

Nestle Professional

Nestlé Professional – Making More Possible - At Nestlé Professional, we use our local and global industry insights to create and deliver profitable business solutions for your channel. We bring you the brands that your customers know and love. We also offer service and training to maximise customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability. John Stanley will man the stand at each 3 shows this year for Nestlé Professional. John has 31 years’ experience with Nestlé and has a broad knowledge of all Nestlé Professional products. Featuring Maggi Mashed Potato, Maggi Classic Soup Range and our full range of Maggi Gluten Free Gravies & sauces. Our stand will be even more exciting this year. John and his team look forward to seeing you at the PFD Trade Shows, come and say hello!

Newly Wed Foods

Newly Weds Foods commenced operations in Australia in 1983.  Pioneering the introduction of Japanese Style Panko Breadcrumbs in Australia. The plant at Wetherill Park, Sydney has expanded over the years to produce a complimentary range of coating systems and seasonings including our Executive Chef range for the Australian and New Zealand food industries.  Recent acquisitions of Heimann Foodmaker Group and Quality Ingredients has increased our range further to include smallgoods cures, meat seasonings, soups, sauces and spice blends suitable for the wider Food Service market.

Pacific West Foods

We at Pacific West Foods consider ourselves the market leaders in frozen value added seafood. We source our raw material globaly and have a manufacturting hub in Penang, Malaysia. We are best know for our 2 best sellers in beer battered flathead and Salt and Pepper squid, but we also offer an extensive range of quality fingerfood options. We also have a large traded seafood port folio to offer cusotmers in quality squid, prawn, fillets and centre plate fish portion options.

Patties Foods

From humble beginnings as a cake shop in regional Victoria, Patties has grown to be Australia’s leading branded frozen food company. They use the best quality ingredients available that represent good value for the consumer. From their state-of-the art production facility at Bairnsdale, in regional Victoria, they make quality food in keeping with their company commitments. Today, Patties Foods retains the pride and passion of the original founders, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Peters is Australia’s favourite ice cream brand and a true Australian icon. Long associated with hot summers, trips to the beach and BBQ’s with friends and family, our mantra of DIVE IN embodies this fun, carefree spirit. It is this unbridled passion that spills over into our products, our communication and our people. We have an insatiable curiosity and a determination to constantly deliver Australia the highest quality, and most innovative iced treats on the market.

Priestley's Gourmet Delights

Priestley’s Gourmet Delights offers the finest tasting range of indulgent desserts for the food service market. Our customers enjoy marketing support, product advice and tantalising ideas to create taste tempting dessert menus. Visit us to discover our delicious gluten free range and exciting new products.


Primo is unique for owning and operating abattoirs, manufacturing plants, packing facilities and distribution warehouses, allowing us to maintain the highest level of quality control in the industry. Primo customers know that they get the highest quality products with every purchase. Today, Primo is Australia’s largest manufacturer of ham, bacon, salami and deli meats, supplying quality smallgoods to major retail groups across Australia.

New! - Pure Foods

Since incorporating in 1988, Pure Foods Eggs has since expanded to become Tasmania's premier egg producer, marketer and distributor. The company directly employs around 50 Tasmanian's. As a major supplier to significant retail outlets such as Coles, Woolworths and IGA. We know the importance of growing longlasting relationships with everyone along our supply chain and also, ultimately, you the consumer. Pure Foods eggs are 100% quality gauranteed.

Quality Sales Link

Quality Sales Link - Food Service Brokers - Representing Bundaberg Sugar ,Fruitmark , Lindt Chocolates And The New Hug Range Of Tart Shells.

Ready Bake

"Ready Bake is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer of premium frozen pastry products. John Kennedy (Founder) set up the company in 1987 after recognising the need for unbaked pastry product while operating his bakery in Brisbane, Australia. Ready Bake has continued to develop and extend its product range and is now recognised throughout Australia as a leader in premium quality pastry products. Our diverse product range includes Butter and Chocolate Shortbread, Quiche, Savoury Pie Shells, Puff Pastry, Choux Pastry, Finger Foods and Sausage Rolls. New product releases include the Designer Shell range and Gluten Free Sweet and Savoury Pastry Shells. Our products deliver quality, time saving pastry solutions to a variety of food service providers including Bakeries, Patisseries, Caterers, Convention Centres, Hospitality establishments, Hotels, Health care and Schools in Australian and overseas markets.

Ribs & Roast

We pride ourselves in producing cooked meats via the Sous Vide. Sous – Vide is essentially French for vacuum. Is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in air tight cook pouches then placed in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times at an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking meats. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is cooked to a doneness without overcooking the outside while retaining moisture and tenderness. Our process is far more commercial and large scale than what is experienced in the restaurant though we pride ourselves through using manual processes to achieve an identical home or restaurant made feel to the flavor profile. Ribs and Roast is a story of the coming together of the chef and butcher with a combined industry knowledge of over 70 years between them and the perfect ingredient for producing quality cooked meat products. The business thrives on the knowledge the founders pass onto our team each day allowing us to grow further off the solid foundation that has been instilled in every one of us. The directors of the business live and breathe every aspect of the operations on a daily basis and forms a major part of the companies success. The vast experience and relationships we have acquired over the many years of engaging in the food and meat industry has resulted in security of raw material across many sectors guaranteeing we meet our obligation to supply volume for the end user.

New! - Robins Foods

Robins Foods is an Australian owned and operated family business. Since the inception of the Industry in 1986, Robins Foods has been at the forefront supplying and manufacturing with Australian Native Foods. Robins Foods produces the Outback Spirit brand, supplied into restaurants, caterers, hospitals, pubs, clubs, QSR, retail and export markets. Outback Spirit has brought Native Foods into mainstream markets.Outback Spirit products are Gluten Free.


On the outside, we may seem like just another food company. But on the inside, we're a lot more than that. We're a group of people who believe passionately in the potential of every Australian to enjoy a wholicious life. The potential to be healthy, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. The potential to be happy. The potential to live life with a purpose. And we believe good nutrition is integral to this journey. Because what you feed your body and your mind changes the way you feel”.


Simplot are a family owned company focused on Bringing Earth's Resources to Life in a sustainable way so that Australians can always eat well. The Simplot Australia story began in 1995 when the J.R. Simplot Company expanded into Australia, acquiring iconic brands like Birds Eye, Leggo's, Chiko, Edgell.  Their Company has continued to grow with the addition of brands like John West, I&J, Culinary Select & Lean Cuisine Today their uniquely diverse business includes vegetable, meat and seafood manufacturing operations that supply chilled, frozen and shelf stable products to Australia's major supermarkets and Foodservice customers.

Simplot Seafood

Simplot Seafood Specialists are experts in sourcing and supplying frozen seafood. We travel to all corners of the world in the constant pursuit of the tastiest seafood, and have long-standing relationships with the world’s best fishing communities. This means we are able to source the widest variety of seafood to meet your needs. Our Neptune brand has a long and distinguished history in the seafood business dating back to 1938. Trusted as a proven performer, Neptune is a smart choice delivering consumers consistent seafood every time.


SPC Ardmona is a proud food manufacturer with a rich history in the Australian market. They are committed to providing a quality service to the Food Service and Non-grocery industries nationwide, and their products are available in a wide variety of outlets and formats, with a continued focus on developing products that serve the needs of the healthcare, education, catering, leisure and convenience markets. They are proud to deliver quality food ingredients, meals and finished snacking solutions for all their customers’ needs. Launching at the trade show, SPC BIG is Australia’s favourite SPC baked beans wrapped in golden flaky pastry. The goodness of SPC baked beans but now available for on the go consumption.

Stuart Alexander

A leader in the Australasian fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) arena, we import, market and distribute premium brands across various categories including food and beverage, confectionery, snacks, chocolate and cigars.

Sustainable Cleaning

SCS are an organisation who research, develop and manufacture cleaning products that reduce the damage to surfaces of conventional products of the past.SCS have great support from its Distribution Partners in creating change by promoting far less hazardous products that are capable of achieving the same if not better cleaning results without degradation of surfaces.

Tasmanian Bakeries

For more than 70 years we’ve been using fine Tasmanian produce to create great-tasting products, baked fresh, every single day.Our founder Alfred Gough made his first pies for the gentry of Hobart back in 1942.Three generations later, our family business is continuing the tradition.

New! - Tasman Food

Tasman Foods International is a proudly Australian owned company that specialises in the innovation, manufacture and distribution of frozen Asian foods. With a solid history spanning over three decades, Tasman Foods International is the preferred supplier of quality frozen products through the Foodservice industry including restaurants, hotels, airlines, etc. We aim to create a wide variety of innovative, great-tasting and high quality food products that are also healthy and affordable for all consumers. Also, we aspire to being the brands that customers recommend to their friends, distributors suggest to their customers and employees are proud to be part of.

Tasmanian Food Machinery

Tasmanian Food Machinery have serviced the Catering and Hospitality Industry in Tasmania for over 25 years. They are complete equipment and tabletop suppliers to the food industry and their extensive product range enables them to service all your needs from large commercial equipment such as fridges, dishwashers, fryers and ovens down to cutlery, crockery, uniforms and domestic kitchen appliances and utensils. They also stock a large range of fully serviced pre-owned equipment, and offer cutlery, crockery and glassware for hire.

New! - Tasmanian Pickled Onions

Tasmanian Pickled Onions Pty Ltd is a family owned/operated company with traditional values and a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business. We have been producing the finest quality pickled onions grown in Tasmania since 1999

New! - Tasmanian Wild Biltong

Using spice combinations and recipes handed down over generations, Clayton has perfected the craft of producing biltong that delivers honest and robust flavours that can only come from a wild environment.


At Tassal, we believe is producing quality fresh, smoked, canned and frozen Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon products for distribution in retail and wholesale channels throughout Australia and export markets. We understand that our customers have differing needs and preferences and have developed a range of quality brands – Tassal, Superior Gold, Tasmanian Smokehouse and De Costi Seafoods.

The Country Chef Bakery Co.

We are baking specialists who have been baking since 1952. We create some of Australia’s favourite desserts such as pavlovas and banana breads. By combining our heritage and technical know-how with today’s ‘on-trend’ ingredients, we have mastered family favourite desserts and breads that nourish and delight the taste buds. The Country Chef Bakery Co. is a family owned, 100% Australian business that has grown from the love of sharing desserts with family and friends and creating that WOW moment with every bite. There isn’t a better recipe for a successful business.

Tip Top Bakery / Speedibake

Tip Top® is part of the George Weston Foods Limited group of companies. George Weston Foods entered the Australian market after World War 2 with the acquisition and amalgamation of several small bakeries south east Australia. Tip Top® proudly produce a diverse range of wholesome sliced bread, gourmet bread, muffins, crumpets, bakery snacks and cakes.

Trading Places

Trading Places Foodservice Marketing, represents a range of quality brands in the foodservice industry. Offering sales, service and support to our valued customer base. This year our stand will have lots to offer, with NEW concepts, great discounts, and labour saving solutions to all sectors of the industry!Place an order on the day a go into a draw to win some great prizes!

Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) is the dedicated foodservice business for Unilever. We are a Globally Respected Food Service Company known for its’ Chefmanship expertise employing 5000 people, including almost 500 chefs across 74 countries. With respected brands renowned for their quality such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, Colman’s & Lipton, we cater to a wide variety of operators – including Hotels, Pubs & Clubs, Restaurants, Aged care and Cafes.


For those that everyday make choices and take actions to rise to the challenge of building their success, UNOX provides oven based technologies that guarantee outstanding cooking results, exceptional reliability and a fast return on investment by providing creative and unique solutions that are inspired and driven by Inventive Simplification.

New! - Warrnambool Cheese & Butter

Warrnambool cheese and butter (WCB) has been producing high quality dairy products for over 125 years, making us the oldest dairy processor in Australia. WCB employees over 650 people across sites in Allansford (VIC) Mt Gambier (SA) and Port Melbourne and producers a range of dairy products for the Australian and export markets. Our brands include 'COON' 'Mil Lel' 'Cracker Barrel' 'Fred Walker' and 'Warrnambool Heritage'.

Westhaven Dairy

All milk used in the Westhaven Dairy range of products are sourced from the clean, green environment of Northern Tasmania. The Westhaven Dairy range includes Fetta, Marinated Fetta, Persian Fetta, Yoghurt, Chevre, Haloumi, Havarti, Gouda, Quark and Paneer.